Reggie 'N' Bollie want to record music with Cheryl Tweedy.

The music duo were mentored by the former 'X Factor' judge on the show in 2015 and although she couldn't work on their debut album as she was on maternity leave with her son Bear, they are making plans to record with Cheryl in the future.

Reggie 'N' Bollie exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''We haven't ruled a collaboration out with Cheryl. She wanted to be on this album but she's a new mother. There's no way she could do it when she wasn't even recording for herself because she was on maternity leave. We haven't ruled it out though, she has always been so supportive of us.

''We still keep in touch. We joined her for her birthday celebrations earlier this year. She's a wonderful person, we still respect her. She has always made the effort to check on us, either personally or through her team and she is such a kind person. We're really happy that she has stayed in touch with us and we'd love to work with her.''

Meanwhile, Reggie 'N' Bollie have released their new single 'On The Floor' featuring Beenie Man today (27.10.17) and they were thrilled the Grammy Award winner wanted to work with them.

They said: ''He has always been an inspiration. We wanted to do a song with a legend like that, our team reached out and he was very happy to work with us. He loved the song and we can't wait for everyone to hear it.''

Asked if they had any dream collaborators, who did not make it on to this album, they said: ''If we had had a chance to work with Jay Z or Kanye West we would jump at it, but we're taking it one step at a time. ''

The pair split from Simon Cowell's Syco Music label earlier this year but they have insisted there are no hard feelings.

They said: ''Last time we saw Simon was at the Syco summer party. we have now parted ways. it was a business relationship, no feelings were hurt. Whenever we need something, we still ask them and they always try to help us. Most of the people we worked with, we still keep in touch in.

''At the end of the day, it's a business deal. They are there to maximise your talent and make a profit. Things don't always work out but it's never personal.''

'On The Floor' featuring Beenie Man is out now.