Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone and CEO Tom Freston have given their complete backing to Paramount chief Brad Grey, maintaining that they investigated Grey's association with indicted private detective Anthony Pellicano before they named him head of the studio last year. In an interview with today's (Tuesday) Los Angeles Times, Sumner Redstone expressed his "utmost faith" in Grey, but acknowledged: "I'm going out on a limb here. We have investigated this to the fullest. But can anybody be certain of anything but life and death?" Freston told the newspaper, "We vet this in a responsible way. ... We were assured that Grey is a witness and not a target or even a subject in the investigation." Nevertheless, the Times observed, Grey's name continues to surface in numerous newspaper articles linking him with Pellicano, and the Times itself commented that Grey's past ties to Pellicano "have put Paramount closer to the center of the escalating Pellicano imbroglio than anyone at Viacom would have liked."