LATEST: Latino pop supergroup RBD took the decision to split last week (ends15Aug08) after a band meeting.
The man behind the band, Pedro Damian, has confirmed RBD will record their last albums in 2009, before breaking up.
And he insists there are no bad feelings between bandmates; they all just need a break before embarking on solo careers.
Damian says, "This is a decision the group made together, so that they could continue to evolve (as individuals). It wasn't forced by me or any of the higher-ups, or anything like that.
"A new disc, called Greatest Hits of RBD, will be released this year with 15 of their most popular songs, and later they'll record a new album that's slated for an early 2009 release. We also want to make a movie, but we'll see how that pans out with the tour and saying goodbye to their fans."
RBD exploded onto the pop scene in 2004 and they have sold more than 11 million records.