Raye has claimed a top producer once ''tried to put his hand between [her] legs''.

The 'You Don't Know Me' hitmaker jetted out to Los Angeles in 2015, when she was just 17, and on her first day in the studio Raye says the colleague attempted to grope her inappropriately but she was able to fend off his advances and get out of the situation by calling her manager.

The 20-year-old British pop star claims that this type of unacceptable behaviour happens all the time in the US.

Recalling the disturbing incident, Raye said: ''It started off so weirdly - the energy was off. I remember thinking, 'There's something weird about this guy.' He was quite erratic and started asking my opinion on different artists. I remember saying I preferred Kanye to someone else and he just went off and started screaming at me. Then he went into the studio next door and I could hear him saying, 'I've got this stupid 17-year-old in there who thinks Kanye is better than so-and-so.' I can feel tears starting to come up in my eyes, and I'm thinking, 'What the hell have I walked into?'

''Next thing I know he's back in my studio, trying to apologise, and he tries to put his hands in between my legs. I called my manager and left straight away. Then I cried and cancelled my session the next day. But this happens to girls in studios all the time. All the time.''

Now, the 'Cigarette' singer always wears baggy clothes when she's working and the experience means she always puts her ''guard up'' when she's around the opposite sex.

In an interview with The i Paper, she said: ''I can remember being in the studio and feeling uncomfortable wearing shorts because the guy [producer] wouldn't stop looking at my fricking thighs. When I go to a studio now, I wear baggy clothes. Around men I just have my guard up all the time.''

Raye admits the experience has had a long-standing effect on her and made her very guarded when recording with male producers.

She was also inspired her to pen the song 'You Don't Know Me' about fending off a ''perv'', on which she sings: ''This is money so don't f*** with me.''

She added: ''It's really difficult because when you're recording, you're going to be in a confined space for five to 10 hours with someone you don't know. You're supposed to open up and, like, vomit your heart out. And then there's some guy there trying to perv on you. It's something I'm writing a lot about in my music.''