Country star Ray Price's family is preparing for a bleak Christmas as the singer/songwriter battles the final stages of pancreatic cancer in a Texas hospital.

The For the Good Times hitmaker was admitted to the intensive care unit at East Texas Medical Center in Tyler on Monday (09Dec13), and his son Clifton reveals doctors do not expect the 87 year old to be released.

In a post online, the son writes, "My Dad is very sick. He is in the East Texas Medical Center At Tyler, Texas. He has been in intensive care. He was admitted on Monday... My Dad is in final stages of pancreatic cancer and the general opinion is that he will not be going home.

"The cancer seemed to have taken his strength away. It's very sad that Cancer is going to take his life and that there is no cure. God Bless everyone for their prayers."

But, in a separate post by Price's friend Bill MACk, the radio personality writes, "The pancreatic cancer, as expected, is causing additional, serious issues, although he is now in stable condition - after going through a 'very tough week'."

MACk reveals he has spoken to Price's wife Janie and adds, "Ray is well aware of your love and strong concern."

Price was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year (12).