A man has been charged with remaining at the scene of a riot after refusing to heed Los Angeles police orders to move on during a hostile gathering after the premiere of a documentary about the Electric Daisy Carnival rave festival.
Noel Buller stood in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard holding up a peace sign while Lapd officers attempted to clear the rowdy crowd off the street.
He was arrested and police discovered he was on probation for defrauding an innkeeper in April (11), according to the Los Angeles Times.
Buller faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 (£625) fine. He will be arraigned on 18 August (11).
Riot police were called in to disperse crowds which gathered for an illegal block party on 27 July (11) outside the premiere.
City prosecutors allege Buller was seen "yelling at police officers and agitating others in the crowd".
It's not the first time the Electric Daisy Carnival has been involved in controversy - last year's (10) event in Los Angeles was marred by the death of a teenager. Another teenage reveller died at a rave organised by the promoters in Dallas, Texas in June (11).