Two Dutch rappers have been found guilty of making "serious threats" to a politician.

The unnamed pair - who form the group DHC - were slapped with a suspended jail term at a court in The Hague, The Netherlands, for threatening Dutch AYAAN HIRSI ALI, a critic of Islam, in a song circulated on the internet.

The judge says, "The charges were aggravated by the fact that the suspect threatened (Hirsi Ali) over her political viewpoints, because this is a serious breach of the democratic rule of law."

Somali-born Hirsi Ali has recently come out of hiding following threats to her life over the film SUBMISSION, which she wrote with murdered director THEO VAN GOGH. The movie portrays violence against women in Islamic societies.

The guilty rappers will be forced to carry out 150 hours of community service.

30/01/2005 10:29