Rapper TAB 'TURK' VIRGIL is facing 10 years in jail, after being convicted on three gun-related felony charges.

The charges stem from a shootout during a January 2004 drug raid of a Memphis, Tennessee, apartment. SWAT team member Deputy CHRIS HARRIS was shot in the jaw, hip, arm and calf during the episode after trading fire with someone in a closet.

Afterwards, police recovered a nine-millimetre handgun in the closet with six shells nearby.

While tests on Virgil's hands came back inconclusive, prosecutors said the rapper had gunfire residue on his shorts.

Virgil's attorney JAVIER BAILEY told the jury that the rapper never fired a weapon, accusing officers of botching the investigation, reports Allhiphop.com.

Six officers present testified that they never saw Virgil with a gun in his hand and none of them saw him in the closet either.

The jury took five hours to convict Virgil of being a felon with a handgun, a fugitive with a handgun and a drug addict with a handgun.

He faces between five and 10 years in prison and is scheduled to be sentenced on 26 October (05).

The rapper is still facing an attempted murder trial stemming from the shooting, but a trial date has yet to be set.