Last month (Jul16), lawyers representing British fashion brand Burberry filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in Manhattan federal court against Perry Moise, who calls himself Burberry Perry, alleging he had used the label's signature patterns and equestrian trademark in connection with his album, as well as on his social media platforms.

Bosses at Burberry also reportedly claimed Moise is using the "fame and renown of the Burberry trademark for his own personal gain, to promote his albums, garner media attention and grow a fan base, all to the detriment of Burberry."

Following the legal filing, Moise announced he would no longer be going by the name Burberry Perry and would instead be known as The Good Perry.

"I am now the one the only thegoodperry aka TG Perry," he wrote on Twitter. "I am no longer Burberry Perry."

According to, a judge recently granted a request for a preliminary injunction. The judge's ruling means Moise has to remove all Burberry references from his social media profiles and songs.