Rapper Gunplay has an unlikely hobby - he is a skilled fisherman after spending his childhood summers out on the water with his dad.

The heavily-tattooed star, real name Richard Morales, Jr., reveals his father would take him out of his troubled neighbourhood in Carol City, Florida for weekend getaways in New York - and the serene vacations taught him patience.

He tells Complex magazine, "My father took me fishing every weekend in Montauk and Sheepshead Bay in New York when I was a kid. It's a family tradition, starting with my grandfather.

"It took me out of my usual environment. I enjoyed being out on the water - I'm a Cancer, so water's my thing. We caught flounder, bluefish, sea bass, a few shark fish, and a bunch of other stuff. The biggest fish I ever caught was a nine-pound bluefish on my ninth birthday. The key is patience and knowing where to go."

The fishing trips were a world away from the drugs and violence Gunplay became used to on the streets of Carol City, although he eventually started using and selling cocaine at the age of 16, before turning his life around and launching a music career.