Rapper FLESH-N-BONE has blasted reports he assaulted his own mother following his recent arrest in Ohio on a 12-year-old warrant.
The troubled star, real name Stanley Howse, was taken into custody when cops stormed a Bone Thugs-N-Harmony concert at the House of Blues in Cleveland last month (Mar10).
It was the first time Howse had returned to the city since 1998 and police pounced when they were tipped off about his plans to join his bandmates on stage.
He has pleaded not guilty to domestic violence and firearm charges, amid claims he struck his mum on the side of her head with a gun, leaving her with a large cut, and was freed after posting $10,000 (£6,665) bail.
But Howse, who previously served time in a California prison for separate charges, has slammed the assault accusations, insisting they are "bulls**t" - because authorities would have kept him locked up if the incident was as "serious" as it's being made out to be.
He tells HipHopDX.com, "(The charges are) bulls**t, some falsified, fabricated, whatever it is. I don't even remember the situation. It's just something that was buried away. It was off the radar until somebody found out I was coming to Cleveland, and then they went and dug it up out the bottom of the barrel. Because California's system did several checks to see if I had nationwide warrants and I didn't have. When I was released from prison (in July 2008) I didn't have warrants, until I went to Cleveland.
"I'm sitting here right now (a free man). If this thing was as serious as they said I wouldn't be sitting here."
But Howse is remaining positive the case will soon be dismissed: "It's just another little bump in the road. It's nothing. We go through these trials and tribulations... It was just another ordeal to have to go through and get cleaned up at the same time so (that) we can keep moving on."