Rapper PEEDI CRAKK has risked the wrath of JAY-Z - he's accused the hip-hop giant of "stealing" ideas from younger artists.
Crakk, real name Pedro Zayas, has blasted the Big Pimpin' hitmaker for taking "swag" from up and coming rappers, but admits the star is "smooth" when he borrows ideas.
The former State Property crewmember tells XXL magazine, "I want to clarify that (Jay-Z) doesn't steal anyone's songs. He steals swag, ideas, concepts, whatever you want to call it. Jay doesn't just straight-up jack you for a song. He's just smooth with it.
"You ever listen to Young Chris rap and then go back and listen to Jay? You almost start to scratch your head. The old Jay-Z never rapped like that. That's Young Gunners flow to the tee... I don't understand why Jay don't just say that he got the swag from the young bull. Jay has no swag of his own. He has no natural cool n**ga style."