Bad Boy Entertainment star BABS BUNNY was arrested early on Saturday (24JUN06) morning following an incident in Brooklyn, New York City. According to her representative, Babs was jailed after being confronted by two women at her home - one of them accused the MAKING THE BAND star of stealing her boyfriend. She left without incident, but Babs later showed up at her apartment where a party was in full swing and allegedly made threats and scratched the woman's car. Babs tells, "They threatened not only me but my family and anyone that knows me knows I don't play when it comes to my family." An immediate restraining order was issued, with Babs unable to move within 100 feet (30 metres) of the alleged victim. Her representative says, "The woman knew Babs was the one wearing the red hat so of course she is going to say it was her. She wants Babs to pay for supposedly trying to steal her boyfriend. The charges are absolutely ridiculous!"