Former Next singer Raphael Brown has denied allegations he was physically abusive towards his estranged wife after she sensationally accused him of kicking her in the stomach while pregnant with their son.

Juliette Gil-Brown recently obtained a temporary restraining order against the R&B star, amid shocking claims of domestic violence.

However, Brown is now fighting back to clear his name, admitting he was verbally abusive towards his ex, but never lay a finger on her.

He tells, "I never kicked her in her stomach when she was pregnant with our son, who's now 10 years of age, nor when she wasn't with child. I never punched my ex-wife in the face, I've never grabbed my ex-wife by her neck or pushed her to the floor."

Brown has subsequently accused his estranged spouse of bombarding him with vile posts online from a private account, and he cannot wait to finalise their divorce and put the mess behind him.

He says, "I have peace in my life and I have moved on. That chapter is closed and I want her to respect my position and do what's best for our children."

The former couple is also parents to a four-year-old daughter.