Rapper KOOL KEITH is launching his own line of pornography films and lingerie - because he's sick of the lacy underwear actresses wear in adult movies.
The hip-hop star is the new CEO of KK Fashion and he hopes to inject a new sense of style into the world of adult film.
He says, "I'm doing my clothing line and my porno line. I'm tired of the porn - even in amateur movies and stuff like that - I'm tired of the apparel. It's time for new apparel. It's time for other things, and other co-ordinations in fashion."
But that's not all - the MC is also branching out into making explicit movies himself, via his KK Films brand, and is appealing to wannabe porn stars to get in touch.
He adds, "I'm looking for up and coming talent, instead of all the normal talent that you always see out there - talent that we get monotonous with, the same girls all in the same magazines, porn boxes. I'm tryin' to work on upcoming talent. That's my thing; I'm gonna scoop some ethnic talent, and take it to another level.
"I want (interested parties) to shoot (send me) an email. Definitely, there are places that a lot of people don't have an outlet, as far as they're not in New York City and not in California. I want to touch people who possibly can't be reached by a person or scout out there. We're an outlet so that you can be notified and reached."