Celebrity gourmand Gordon Ramsay could be set to take on his toughest mission yet after television producers mooted the idea of him helping Little Chef.

According to reports the foul-mouthed chef is being lined up to tackle an outlet of the struggling motorway chain in the new series of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

In the Channel 4 show Ramsay has a month to use his restaurateur-expertise to turn around the fortunes of floundering restaurants.

But he may have his work cut out with Little Chef, with the all-day breakfast specialist being 'rescued' by a private equity group earlier this year.

An insider told the Sun however that "a kick up the backside from Gordon could be just the tonic".

In Ramsay's autobiography Humble Pie, he said that the motorway restaurant chain's name was a misnomer as its bosses "don't employ chefs".

"We were surprised by the offer but Gordon has been a critic of Little Chef in the past," the Sun's source added.

"He wrote about us in his autobiography, so he clearly has ideas for the place."

The maker of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Optomen, commented: "We don't normally send out letters to chains, but one was sent to a Little Chef.

"We haven't heard back from them yet."

23/08/2007 10:32:33