The return of Rambo has failed to inspire UK cinemagoers, with the action revival entering the chart in third spot.

Sylvester Stallone's ex-Green Beret took £1.2 million in its opening weekend, though fans' efforts to see the film were hampered by Odeon's decision not to screen the movie.

Though the cinema chain said its decision was due to undisclosed "commercial reasons", it is believed the 18 certificate movie was not screened due to an ongoing dispute between Odeon and distributors Sony Pictures.

While the film has been described as having an "unusually high body count", industry experts believe the Odeon snub "obviously affected it massively".

Talking to the BBC, Diana Lodderhose of Screen International, which compiles box office figures, added: "It would have been number one had they not had this spat with Odeon.

"People were really looking forward to it and the cinemas that were showing it were pretty packed."

Instead, Jumper, the teleportation thriller starring Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen, held on to the number one spot, taking £1.51 million in its second weekend on release.

Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind, starring Jack Black and Mos Def as friends who film their own cover versions of classic movies after accidentally wiping the entire stock of the eponymous video store, took second place in this week's chart.

Oscar-winning comedy Juno held fourth spot, while Nicolas Cage sequel National Treasure: Book of Secrets fell three places to fifth.

The top ten films at the UK box office are:

1 Jumper
2 Be Kind Rewind
3 Rambo
4 Juno
5 National Treasure: Book of Secrets
6 The Water Horse
7 There Will Be Blood
8 The Bucket List
9 Cloverfield
10 Alvin and the Chipmunks

26/02/2008 15:05:34