The classic 1970s line-up of rock supergroup Rainbow was close to reuniting in the late 1990s, just before drummer Cozy Powell was killed in a car crash.

Bass player Bob Daisley has revealed there were secret meetings and plans to convince Ritchie Blackmore to return to the stage with Ronnie James Dio and David Stone.

In a new interview filmed for the Dvd release of Rainbow: Live in Munich 1977, the Australian rocker reveals, "I'd actually talked to Cozy not long before he died in about 1997 or 1998... There was a guy I'd hooked up with in Los Angeles that was very interested in maybe trying to get a reunion happening and some shows and an album.

"There were moves being made to try and put it together... It was getting to the stage where it felt like it was gonna happen, but then soon after that Cozy went in his car crash."

Powell died in April, 1998.

Daisley was fired by Blackmore and replaced by Deep Purple star Roger Glover in the late 1970s. The shake-up also cost Dio and Stone their places in the band.