Raf Simons wants to make Dior the brand that is ''worn on the street''.

The designer was recently named as the creative director of the fashion house and says he wants to take the label back to its roots and move on from his predecessor John Galliano's dramatic aesthetic.

He told the January issue of Britain's Vogue magazine: ''Dior's ultimate obsession is that he wanted [the public] to wear it. I want them to wear it on the street. If it doesn't relate to the outside, then it would be very theatrical for me.''

Raf - who was given the coveted job in April - wants to develop ''a code'' for the brand - introducing distinctive signature qualities that people will instantly recognise and hails Chanel as a great example.

He said: ''The Chanel woman? I don't even need to see, I smell her from round the corner, but I don't recognise the Dior woman. I want to work on that fast. Chanel has the deux-pièces with the pockets, or the boucle, but what is it for Dior nowadays? I can't say.''