Hip-hop superstar Ahmir 'questlove' Thompson has revealed a scene in an episode of THE COSBY SHOW helped make him the man he is today.

The Roots star admits he was so taken by the technology Stevie Wonder presented to comedian Bill Cosby and his Tv kids he felt compelled to learn more - and that led him to become a rap mastermind.

And he insists he isn't the only modern hip-hop star who took notice of the pivotal Cosby Show episode.

Appearing on The Daily Show in America, Thompson says, "(Cosby kids) Theo and Denise get hit by Stevie Wonder and Stevie Wonder's way of apologising for putting their lives in danger is showing them this toy sampler, so basically the entire Cosby clan goes to the studio and says one word in the microphone and it goes inside of Stevie's sampler and pretty much every hip-hop luminary that developed across the 90's and the 2000's, they saw this episode and it changed their lives.

"We'd never saw (sic) a sampler before; the technology was invented but that's the first time we saw it, so for Christmas I got a toy Casio Sk sampler, but you only had three seconds, so you'd just say curse words... but when I met my partner in the group, BlackThought, he was the one that, like, would say, 'Hey, put your own beats in there'."