British punk icon Steve Ignorant has found a new passion - as a volunteer lifeguard.

The Crass co-founder was at the forefront of the anarchy movement in the late 1970s, but now he saves stranded sailors off the coast of Norfolk, England, where he has lived since 2007.

He tells the Bbc, "One of the (lifeboat) guys... worked in the local pub and we were talking one night and he said, 'You should come down... We need new members'... I thought it was going to be like the fire brigade, where you have to stand to attention."

After resisting for months, the punk star, real name Steven Williams, opted to pay the local lifeguard headquarters in the sleepy Norfolk seaside village of Sea Palling a visit.

He adds, "They took me out in the boat... and I saw what they did and just got interested.

"I never ever dreamed... that I would be number three on a boat, helping to pull someone out of the water... It's really bizarre."