US punk icon IAN MACKAYE (corr) has attacked bosses at sportswear firm Nike for using an image from one of his albums to promote an upcoming skateboarding tour.

The MINOR THREAT and FUGAZI star claims Nike's Major Threat tour features marketing artwork ripped off from Minor Threat's self-titled 1981 debut.

The tour's posters depict a bald man, sporting Nike trainers, sitting with his head resting on his knees with the words 'Major Threat' running down the image's right side.

The poster is almost a carbon copy of Minor Threat's iconic image.

MacKaye claims Nike chiefs never approached him for permission to use the image.

He tells MTV NEWS, "What the hell were they thinking? To set the record straight, Nike never contacted Dischord (record company) nor Minor Threat, to obtain permission to use this imagery, nor was any permission granted.

"Simply put, Nike stole it and we're not happy about it. We are not yet sure what actions, if any, we can take to stop this campaign."

27/06/2005 09:30