Bollywood star SHAH RUKH KHAN has been honoured for his contribution to the film industry in Malaysia - despite opposition from the country's politicians.
Khan received the governor's award - the equivalent to a British knighthood - for promoting the Malacca region in recent film, One 2 Ka 4.
Malacca chief minister Mohamad Ali Rustam says, "This resulted in many people visiting Malacca. The award was given in recognition of this."
But opposition politician Lim Kit Siang has slammed the move, admitting he was "astounded" the governor would choose to honour the Indian actor ahead of home-grown talent.
He says, "Are there no Malaysian film stars, artists or sports people who have greater (talent) to be honoured and encouraged as compared to Shah Rukh?
"I don't think the reason that has been given for making Shah Rukh Khan a Malacca Datuk would impress or convince many that the Bollywood actor-dancer had 'contributed to our tourism industry'."
The 42-year old star is among 78 people to get the award in conjunction with the governor's 70th birthday, alongside the country's navy chief, academics, artists and journalists.