Members of an anti-domestic abuse campaign group are planning to stage a protest at the Fifty Shades Of Grey premiere in London on Thursday (12Feb15).

Members of the group Fifty Shades is Domestic Abuse are set to target the glitzy screening in London's Leicester Square, which is to be attended by the film's stars, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

Natalie Collins, who runs the group, insists they are taking a stand against the movie amid fears the portrayal of a kinky relationship between a student and a bondage-obsessed businessman glamorises issues such as domestic violence and stalking.

She tells, "The thing that I would say to people... who are going to see it, is, if he wasn't rich and very attractive, would this behaviour be normal?... Is it romantic when somebody tracks your phone, when somebody knows where you live before you tell them, sells your only means of transport, or buys the company you work for?

"We are not against Bdsm (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism), it is the other issues in the books and films which we say glamorise domestic violence."

Another campaign, titled 50 dollars not 50 shades, was created by U.S. and Canadian anti-domestic abuse organisations last week (ends08Feb15), encouraging film fans to boycott the movie and donate the ticket money to charity instead.