The revered actor caused a storm in November last year (15) when he was quoted as saying that having no religion in his native India was "the worst crime you can do as a patriot".

He later moved to clarify his remarks, insisting his comments were "misconstrued" and he was not implying that "India is intolerant".

However, the controversy is refusing to go away, and on Wednesday up to 30 members of right-wing campaign group Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) protested against the shooting of Khan's new movie Raees, in the city of Bhuj, chanting slogans and burning posters of the star.

They had earlier handed a note to officials in Bhuj calling for them to step in and withdraw permission for the movie shoot.

A VHP spokesman tells the Hindustan Times, "He should think, living in this country which gave him name, fame and riches; if he goes on speaking about non-existent intolerance, the VHP will never forgive.

"Today there is news that a Hindu temple was attacked and vandalised in Pakistan. Why are they not giving any statement on the intolerance there?"