The producers of new movie THE KITE RUNNER have decided to postpone the release of the film, so they have time to get the film's young stars out of their native Afghanistan - and avoid local ethnic tensions. The three young actors in the adaptation of the 2003 bestseller are involved in a harrowing rape scene in the film and the boys' families feared they'd be targeted once news of the controversy spread through their local community. So producers at Paramount Vantage have agreed to postpone the film's U.S. release for six weeks - and relocate the young stars and their families in the United Arab Emirates until the growing fuss over the film ends. Director Marc Forster accepts the decision by his producers, telling Entertainment Weekly magazine, "Everybody's primary concern is the safety and welfare of those kids." The film will now be released on 14 December (07). The three boys are expected to attend the movie's U.S. premiere.