Hoping to reignite the buzz surrounding Chris Rock's Everybody Hates Chris, the producers of the UPN show, CBS Paramount Network Television, are sending DVDs of the show's entire season to all 12,000 members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, including shows that haven't yet aired, Daily Variety reported today (Wednesday). According to the trade publication, it will be the first time Emmy voters will have access to so many episodes of a broadcast series. In an interview, company spokesman John Wentworth said, "We know that when the show launched, the critics raved about it and the industry buzz was palpable. We thought it would be appropriate to not only get the first season to [voters], but to get it to them early so that they'd have a chance to truly digest the shows." The 2006 Primetime Emmy Awards are due to be handed out on Sunday, Aug. 27.