A movie producer has hit back at allegations he's stalking French actress LYDIE DENIER, insisting he's simply trying to get her to return film footage belonging to him.
Denier has filed for a restraining order against German filmmaker Michael Huck, claiming he has threatened to kill her in a series of emails.
The actress has filed forms requesting a court order to keep the 48 year old away from her, fearing he will track her down at an upcoming Los Angeles film festival.
Denier claims Huck has been trailing her since 2003, and once "pulled out a loaded gun" after she agreed to meet him for coffee.
But now Huck is firing back, claiming, "This is not true. I am a producer who worked with Lydie Denier in 2007 in Berlin, Germany. We were shooting a thriller, entitled A Bouquet for a Kill, which Lydie Denier did direct and star.
"Behind my back Denier, contacted Avi Lerner of L.A. based Millennium/NuImage and asked him to buy me out, so she could take over the project. When I refused, she vanished from the German set, taking with her some of the original tapes. I sent German police after her.
"When her take-over attempt failed she started telling everyone she produced the movie and that I am a stalker who is after poor Lydie. I only want my tapes back so I can edit my movie. I am not running around with a loaded gun and I am not going to chase Lydie."