THE PRODIGY star LIAM HOWLETT has attacked electronic rivals the BEASTIE BOYS' new album, labelling it "dated" and "c*ap".

The pioneering British artist is disappointed the American rappers' new offering TO THE FIVE BOROUGHS fails to capture the sounds of contemporary music, even though their rhymes continue to astound him.

It's not the first time the two bands have traded bitter words - after The Prodigy released their single SMACK MY B*TCH UP in 1997, the Beastie Boys rang them up complaining the song incited violence against women.

Howlett says, "I thought the Beastie Boys' new one was a real let-down. They're great rhymers but the beats are no good, it's just weak and dated.

"They had a go at us about Smack My B*tch Up. One of them rang me up to tell me off, saying, 'Oh, this is encouraging violence.' I mean, I don't ring them up and tell them their album's c*ap, do I?'"

25/08/2004 17:24