THE PRODIGY star LIAM HOWLETT is deeply ashamed of the band's last single, which he dismisses as "a f**king load of sh*t".

The group released BABY'S GOT A TEMPER in 2002 as a stop-gap single while Howlett worked on new album ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED, NEVER OUTGUNNED.

The single reached number five in the British charts, but the producer has refused to put it on the new album.

He says, "It was a f**king load of sh*t. I didn't think it was sh*t at the time and I wanted to put something out to show people we were still around.

"I pulled on Keith (FLINT) too much on that. Keith's lyrics are very introverted and that's not we're about. The Prodigy are about fist-in-the-air sh*t, real simple. But it was important because it showed me exactly where I shouldn't go."

13/08/2004 17:35