With digital 3D projectors still relatively scarce in theaters today, the rush is now on to release new 3D movies on film, with at least three processing companies offering to perform conversions, Technicolor 3D, Oculus3D and SoliDDD, Daily Variety reported today (Wednesday). SoliDDD chief Neal Weinstock told the trade publication, "There's no question that film is going to be an interim [3D] solution for most North American theaters." He also predicted that film will remain the primary exhibition medium in much of the world, especially where heat and humidity can affect digital systems. And Lenny Lipton, co-founder of Oculus3D commented that exhibitors will have to convert to 3D the way they did to sound-on-film in 1927. "Once a new technical modality takes hold, there's no going back. It's the end of the old and the beginning of the new," he said.