A treasured $100,000 (£62,500) painting by pop culture artist Kaws has been stolen from fashion and media mogul Marc Ecko's New York headquarters.
The artwork, a Kaws acrylic created on a Calvin Klein advertisement, was swiped by a brazen thief, who strolled into the Manhattan office building last Thursday evening (04Aug11), unhooked the piece from the wall of the second floor hallway, and walked out with it.
Ryan Westbrook, an employee for Ecko's Complex magazine, tells the New York Daily News, "He took it into the bathroom and broke the glass, rolled it up in a tube and left. He must have known the place, or at least cased it out."
And Ecko is desperate for the return of the art. Westbrook adds, "It's like diamonds, the value is tremendous. I hope they get it back, for Mark's sake."
The thief, who had a moustache and wore a cap and sunglasses to mask his face, was caught on an elevator camera, but he has yet to be identified.
Police have launched an investigation into the crime and are appealing for any information about the heist.
The Kaws painting, which measured five feet by four feet (1.52 by 1.22 metres), was part of Ecko's private collection.