An upcoming British TV drama has sparked outrage by showing late British royal PRINCESS MARGARET having sex, sharing a lesbian kiss and smoking cannabis.

The Channel 4 programme focuses on the late Princess' life during the 1950s and 1960s when she was a darling of high society - and the British royal family are considering taking legal action against its producers.

Margaret - who is played by British actress LUCY COHU - engages in oral sex, kisses SHARMAN DOUGLAS, daughter of an American Congressman, and smokes a joint at a London party in the drama.

Channel 4 are adamant their dramatisation of the Princess' life is accurate - but Margaret's former husband LORD SNOWDON is convinced the show is poorly researched, while the royal family are dismayed at the explicit content.

Channel 4 controller KEVIN LYGO says, "I don't know if Her Majesty will be watching, but we could send her a DVD. Some will find it quite arresting and challenging. It's factually accurate and a racy romp.

But Snowdon counters, "To say this film is painstakingly researched is bulls**t. They have not got in touch with me or my family."

Meanwhile Buckingham Palace officials are in discussions with lawyers in a bid to stop the drama being broadcast, or to have some scenes deleted.