A new investigation is to be opened in the tragic death of DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES and her companion Dodi Fayed.

Egyptian millionaire and HARRODS store owner Mohamed Al Fayed has always claimed the Princess and his son Dodi were murdered - and is hopeful they will be proved, now a fresh inquiry into allegations key evidence about the accident was falsified has been opened.

The new investigation will centre on disputed blood samples which led the authorities in France to conclude the crash was caused by chauffeur HENRI PAUL being high on drink and drugs.

New evidence suggests his blood samples were not genuine.

A team of experts revealed that the samples showed levels of Carbon Monoxide in Paul's blood so high that he would have been unable to walk, let alone drive.

However there is video footage taken of Mr Paul that night showing him looking sober, climbing stairs and bending down to tie his shoelace.

Last night (11AUG04) Al Fayed claimed the blood tests were falsified to cover up a British establishment plot to murder Diana.

He says, "Henri Paul was used as a scapegoat to conceal a murder. It was not his blood that was tested.

"It was a cover-up orchestrated by the security services. Falsification of the blood tests was just one part of this. I have fought for seven years to expose those who carried out the murder and have since tried to conceal it."

A judge is set to be appointed within days to oversee this new investigation will examine what really happened that fateful night of 31 August 1997 in Paris.

12/08/2004 13:52