Stephen Beresford ''can't believe'' no-one wrote a film about the Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners campaign before he did.

Beresford is the creative influence behind new British film 'Pride', which is based on a true story - and the writer says the campaign made the perfect plot for a movie.

Speaking at the London premiere of the film last night (02.09.14) - which stars Bill Nighy and 'Sherlock' actor Andrew Scott - Beresford said: ''There are some stories that you come across that make you think, 'I can't not tell it'. It contained all the elements - it's about a group of gay and lesbian people who turn up in a miners' village. I thought, 'Well, already it's funny, even before we've written a word it's funny.'''

He added: ''I found that the story was heartbreaking - it was sad - but there are also some beautiful uplifting moments. It has this incredible surprise ending that I think will move people so enormously.

''When you hear of a story like this as a writer, you think two things: one, I can't believe no-one has ever told this story; and two, I'm so glad no-one has ever told this story!''

'Pride' opens in UK cinemas on September 12.