THE PRETENDERS star CHRISSIE HYNDE stayed up late on Tuesday night (06JUL04) bombarding employees at medical giants PROCTER + GAMBLE with voicemails protesting animal cruelty.

The rocker joined PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA) activists in the overnight campaign, in which she and her cohorts asked P+G workers to stop the company's pet food subsidiary IAMS from conducting cruel tests on dogs and cats.

The action, which follows Hynde's call for a boycott of Iams in February (04), is part of PETA's international campaign against the

Dayton, Ohio-based pet food maker.

In her voicemail message, Hynde said, "Please stick up for the dogs' and cats' rights and your right to express your opinion. Urge your employer to end laboratory tests on dogs and cats and, instead, adopt in-home testing programmes in co-operation with veterinarians."

In her message, which was delivered via an automated dialling service, Hynde also detailed the deplorable conditions a PETA investigator found while researching at an Iams laboratory.

She added, "A recent PETA investigation into an Iams contract laboratory revealed dogs and cats being abused in inexcusable ways - kept in barren cages for their entire lives, mutilated by having their vocal chords severed and having huge chunks of muscle cut from their thighs. They're even being killed.

"Don't think these tests are necessary or required by law. They aren't."

08/07/2004 02:22