Telecommunications giant MCI is under pressure to drop actor Danny Glover as a spokesman - because of his anti-GEORGE W BUSH stance and his support for Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Earlier this year (03), LETHAL WEAPON star Glover called American President Bush racist and, more recently, he signed a letter saying the US government's "harassment against Cuba could serve as a pretext for an invasion".

TOM FITTON, president of JUDICIAL WATCH, one of the groups urging a boycott of MCI, says, "MCI must fire Glover. (They) can't have a spokesman supporting terrorist Castro any more than it should have a spokesman supporting Osama Bin Laden."

Glover's spokeswoman denied reports that MCI plans to drop him, saying, "The relationship between Mr Glover and MCI is categorically solid and successful and is continuing."

13/05/2003 17:09