Presley Gerber had a lot of ''fun'' shooting a Pepsi commercial with his mother Cindy Crawford.

The 18-year-old model was thrilled to be cast in the advertisement - which aired during the Super Bowl - alongside his famous mom and particularly enjoyed their commute to and from the set.

He said: ''We literally drove from our house to work together, then drove home together. But we're a really tight family, so it was just like going to work with one of your friends. It was so fun, and easy.''

Cindy first appeared in a Pepsi commercial in 1992, seven years before Presley was born, and her son, as well as daughter Kaia, now 16, had cameos in one of the soft drinks firm's ads as toddlers.

And Presley - whose father is businessman Rande Gerber - thought it was ''really cool'' that they got to work together for the company this year on an advertisement which featured popular throwback moments from Pepsi's past, with the likes of Britney Spears and the late Michael Jackson a part of the 'This Is Pepsi' commercial.

He told People magazine: ''I am really excited to be in [Pepsi's] commercial with my mom, especially since her commercial from back in the day is so iconic. I feel like now I get to hop in there with her, which is really cool.''

The teenager is thrilled to now be a part of Pepsi's iconic history himself.

He said: ''It's pretty insane! I am really excited.''

Meanwhile, when it comes to the Super Bowl itself, Presley and his family have a tradition to watch it together.

He said: ''[Our Super Bowl Sunday] usually has to do with some spicy chicken wings, a barbecue and the game near the beach at our house in Malibu. That's usually what we do.''