Emblem3 star Wesley Stromberg is preparing to make a return to the stage after he was released from hospital.

The band's tour of Britain came to a halt this week (31Mar14) when the singer was admitted to a medical facility suffering from an undisclosed illness.

The health scare prompted the group to cancel a concert in Glasgow, Scotland on Tuesday (01Apr14), but Stromberg returned to Twitter.com on Thursday (03Apr14) to reveal he had been discharged from hospital and was on his way to Manchester, England for the group's scheduled show.

He writes, "They've all treated me soo (sic) nicely here but it's time to get back to playing shows I'm over being sick!!... Just check (sic) out of the hospital and now I'm getting a train ticket to Manchester!! I can't wait for tonight's show!!... Just boarded the train to Manchester!! First class young bossin (sic)!! Can't wait for the show tonight."