Copyright is set to be extended on classic British pop songs in a move which will see the UK music industry raking in more money than ever before.

Songs are currently protected for 50 years, and under the present ruling a hit such as the 1963 THE BEATLES song PLEASE PLEASE ME would automatically lose copyright in 2013.

However, the new law will ensure music is under copyright well beyond its present expiry date, bringing in much needed funds to the music business.

And not only will the government decision add to the burgeoning bank balances of rock veterans, it will also allow money to be invested in the stars of the future.

James Purnell, the new minister for the UK's creative industries, says,"The music industry is a risky business and finding talent and artists is expensive.

"There is a view that long-term earners are needed so that the record companies can plough money back into unearthing new talent."

05/06/2005 21:21