A stunt double working on the Point Break remake has suffered a broken jaw in a freak surfing accident.

Laurie Towner, who doubles for actor Luke Bracey, was filming the new movie in Tahiti, French Polynesia when he was knocked from his board and hit his head on the seabed.

Towner was hospitalised with a broken jaw, cuts to his face and a number of deep puncture wounds. He posted a picture of his injuries on his Instagram.com page and insists he is lucky to be alive.

He writes, "Teahupoo (Tahiti surf spot) gave me a good old fashion flogging yesterday on my 3rd wave... I hit my head on the bottom and must have blacked out because the next thing I can remember is being in the lagoon gasping for air in calm water. Apparently there was a bigger wave behind an no one saw me surface... Either way I'm really lucky and grateful I'm still here.

"I got myself a broken jaw some stitches in my lip and eye lid, whip lash to my neck and back, and a couple (of) small puncture wounds that went through my neck ad (and) into the back of my mouth that apparently just missed an artery. Just want to thank every one who helped me though out yesterday really appreciate it! I'm all good and as positive as ever! I'll be back when my jaw is good."

The new version of the 1991 Patrick Swayze film stars Edgar Ramirez, Luke Bracey, Teresa Palmer and Ray Winstone.