Plain White T's have had ''so many fistfights''.

The five-piece pop-punk band - featuring Tom Higgenson, Dave Tirio, Tim Lopez, Mike Retondo and De'Mar Hamilton - revealed their 18 years in a band together have mostly been harmonious, but have been littered with violent arguments which have made them question their future as a group.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at an event celebrating the launch of Lipton Ice Tea's #BeMoreTea campaign, bassist Mike admitted: ''We've had some big arguments, but we're like brothers and all brothers fight. There've been fistfights.''

The 'Hey There Delilah' hitmakers - whose new album 'American Nights' is out this week - admitted the spats have been difficult to cope with, although the band members who weren't involved have always tried to keep out of the confrontations to stop them from escalating further.

Guitarist Dave Tirio continued: ''There have been so many fistfights, to the point where I remember one time I was brushing my teeth on the other side of a wall from a fistfight happening, and I didn't even give a s**t. I was just brushing my teeth like, I'm not breaking it up. Let them go.''

However, lead singer Tom insisted there haven't been as many clashes as his bandmates suggested, although even one violent feud seems like ''a lot''.

He added: ''By so many, he means like three, but one is a lot in my opinion.

''We're like brothers, but not actual brothers, so we don't fight that much!''

Plain White T's have partnered with Lipton Ice Tea for the video to their new single 'Pause', inspiring people to take time out to embrace the things they love. Watch the video here: