Plain White T's have described their new album as a ''reinvention''.

The group - who shot to fame when they topped the charts in 2007 with 'Hey There Delilah' - fought to be freed from their record deal for their new album 'American Nights', which means the LP feels like a ''new life''.

Frontman Tom Higgenson told BANG Showbiz: ''We're independent again for the first time since 2003 so it feels like a reinvention. A new life.''

Bass player Mike added: ''It also feels like it's our band again, not that it ever wasn't.''

The 'Pause' singers - who have partnered with Lipton Ice Tea to create a video for the track, inspired by their Be More Tea campaign - explained self-funding their latest release, which is their seventh studio album, meant they were able to choose how it was created.

Guitarist Dave Tirio said: ''The label was great but there were certain times where we didn't have 100 per cent of the say on some things, you inevitably have to please other people which kind of sucks some times.''

Tom continued: ''So with this album we were able to record exactly what we wanted to record, where we wanted to, with who we wanted to. It was just whatever we wanted to do, we could do it, which made it more fun.''

However, the band - which also features guitarist Tim Lopez and drummer De'Mar Hamilton - added it was tough escaping their record deal because it resulted in ''drama''.

Tom confessed: ''We went through a bit of drama with the label trying to get independent again.

''It was stressful because we were trying to fight to get our music back.''

Fans can get involved with the #BeMoreTea campaign on Instagram at @liptonicetea, and watch the 'Pause' video on Lipton's YouTube channel: