​Pixie Lott and Oliver Cheshire have their ''ups and downs''.

The 'All About Tonight' hitmaker and her fiancé have a ''passionate relationship'' but she admits there are times when they have ''mis-communications''.

She said: ''Of course we have ups and downs. We are away from each other a lot and have mis-communications. But we really care for each other and have a really passionate relationship.

''[This year] is going to be so busy and I don't want to just wedge it in and not focus on it. I want to have 68 hen do's. Why not? ... I do want several hen do's - my sister is my maid of honour and she has top organisational skills.

''She is the complete opposite to me. I'm going to have two weddings. Maybe one in London and one in the countryside. Or maybe one really tiny one somewhere hot where the sun shines.''

And the 26-year-old singer has ''no regrets'' about settling down with her first boyfriend.

She added: ''I have no regrets at all. It is quite beautiful - all the memories and all the experiences we have shared. It's nice to say you're with your first boyfriend. If it feels right, why change it?''

And the blonde beauty can't wait to have children with her beau as she has ''big family values''.

She shared: ''I have big family values because I'm so close to mine. I want three children - I always think three is a magic number, perhaps because I come from three.''

And Pixie recalls the first time she met Oliver, admitting she was ''not what she was expecting at all''.

She told The Times newspaper: ''I saw him across the room and he was so well dressed and I thought he was going to sound really well spoken. But he was cockney and completely chatty, not what I was expecting at all.''