Pink Angels want to show Justin Bieber a song they have written about him called 'Bieber Fever'.

The rising girl group - who have toured with Little Mix, Rita Ora and The Vamps - would love to share lyrics they penned about the 'Sorry' hitmaker with the pop heartthrob and have also expressed their desire to duet with him.

Asked if they'd prefer to do a song with Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake, singer Nikola, 17, exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Oh, that's a hard decision! I would pick Bieber because he's our age, his music is more similar to ours and I would like to show him a song we had about him when we were younger. It was called 'Bieber Fever' and it sounds so funny!''

Nikki's bandmate Natalie, 18, added: ''It's a hard question, but I'd have to choose Justin Bieber because he's our generation and he suits us more!''

Pink Angels - also comprised of Tereza and Angee - hail from the Czech Republic and are currently trying to wow the UK with their latest single 'Slay Mama' and would like to catch the attention of 'X Factor' boss Simon Cowell.

Nikki said: ''Although he's really strict, I think that would only help us. Simon if you're reading this - hit us up!''

The girls are currently working on an album and are about to be the subject of a new American reality show called 'Pink's Across America'.

Talking about their forthcoming projects, Nikki said: ''We are going to release a new album, there is going to be a reality show about us in America that will be called 'Pink's Across America', we can't wait for that! Also lots of shows in the UK, festivals, club tours...I really hope that people are going to like it!''

'Slay Mama' is out now.