The pilot who perished in a horrific helicopter crash in central London on Wednesday (16Jan13) was a stuntman who had worked on dozens of movies and Tv projects.

Peter Barnes, 50, was one of two people who died when the aircraft he was in charge of struck a crane in Vauxhall on the bank of the River Thames and plunged to the ground where it burst into flames.

Barnes boasted a 25-year career as a pilot and was one of the most trusted flyers in Britain, often working on movie sets and transporting celebrity clients.

He worked on helicopter scenes in a number of movies including Die Another Day and Saving Private Ryan, and was involved in the shooting of aerial images broadcast during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Barnes was also behind the controls of the helicopter used in a recent Tv advert for make-up brand Rimmel, which featured supermodel Kate Moss on top of a building preparing to board a chopper.

The other victim in Wednesday's crash was Matt Wood, a 36-year-old office worker killed by falling debris after the chopper hit the crane. Thirteen others were injured in the tragedy.