Revered classical pianist Krystian Zimerman stormed off stage in the middle of a concert in Germany on Monday (03Jun13) after spotting an audience member filming him on a cell phone.

The Polish musician was playing at the Ruhr Piano Festival in Essen, but immediately broke off his performance to demand the man put the device away, before walking off stage.

Zimerman re-emerged a few minutes later and explained his actions to the audience, insisting he doesn't want his music to be recorded and posted on video sharing websites such as

He said, "The destruction of music through YouTube is enormous," before continuing with his performance.

A spokeswoman for the piano festival tells Britain's Daily Telegraph, "He (the audience member) was filming, I believe on an iPhone, and was in the middle of a block of seats so it was not possible to remove him during the performance. It's not possible to search our audience members for recording equipment, as if we were an airport. It's not possible and not a nice thing to do."