The FBI is looking into the possibility that Larry Mendte, the former co-host of Access Hollywood and currently an anchor at KYW-TV Philadelphia, may have been implicated in the alleged hacking of his former co-anchor's computer and leaking her email messages to gossip columnists, the Associated Press reported today (Wednesday). Last week, the FBI reportedly raided Mendte's home and seized his computer. The AP said that Alycia Lane, Mendte's former co-anchor, may have been targeted by Mendte because she had been receiving more publicity -- and more pay (reportedly $750,000 annually -- than he. Mendte has been temporarily suspended. In December, Lane was reportedly involved in a scuffle with a New York City policewoman that resulted in felony assault charges being brought against her. The following month she was terminated. (The assault charges were subsequently dropped, and Lane has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the station.) The arrest had been reported in the New York Post's "P age Six" gossip column as had an earlier report that Lane had sent photos of herself in a bikini to NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen. She later explained that she and Eisen were longtime friends and that their relationship was purely platonic.