The son of Everly Brothers star Phil Everly has poured his heart out about his late dad in a new Rolling Stone interview, insisting the rock 'n' roll legend was "a regular guy" and "a big goof", who never acted like a celebrity.

Jason Everly confirmed reports his father had died on Friday night (03Jan14), and has now opened up about the man who spanked him when he didn't finish his homework.

Jason says, "He was the guy I didn't want to make mad..."

He adds, "He was gracious, and ridiculously humble... He was also a closet inventor. He was always trying to invent stuff. When I was a little kid in the 70s, he wanted to make a guitar with a speaker in it. It was heavy and it didn't really work and had tons of feedback. He had a record player with two needles so it would play real stereo."

The younger Everly, who served as the brothers' agent during their last tour, reveals the Everly Brothers came really close to giving up on their music dreams when they first arrived in Nashville, Tennessee at the beginning of their career.

He adds, "(They) had about two weeks left of money before (they) had to go get real jobs, and that would have been it. And then they became world famous and wealthy and all the things that go with that. Everybody gets their own agent, their own lawyer, accountant and managers, and bad things happen.

"But you couldn't get in between them. If you were going to say something bad about my uncle Don in front of my father, you were in for it. When Paul Simon asked to bring them on tour for the Old Friends tour, I said, 'Paul, you know them. They're brothers. If they're getting along, then the answer is yes. If they're not getting along, then the answer is no.'"

And he reveals, "Five years ago, the Grammys brought over (sic)... they had everybody - Little Richard and Chuck Berry - and they wanted the Everly Brothers badly. The guy was begging me. Everybody wanted them to go on tour again. But you can't tell guys that have helped invent rock and roll and toured the world for 50 years on every continent over and over again what to do."

And when the music faded, Phil became a doting grandfather to Jason's kids.

He continues, "I have two little girls who are six and nine, and all my dad really wanted to do is sit with a glass of wine and play with his grandkids. He was in his 70s, he's like, 'I got nothing to prove. I'm totally at peace with my life.'

"He was a smoker, like a lot of people from that generation, and he quit 10 years ago, but it still chased him down. But he said he had a lot of good cards: 'I can't complain. I had a really good life.'"

Phil Everly passed away in Burbank, California, aged 74, after suffering complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.