Former talk-show host Phil Donahue took his anti-Iraq War documentary Body of War to Washington Tuesday, where it was enthusiastically greeted by a largely liberal audience. Helen Thomas, who at 87 is the oldest member of the Washington press corps, called the film "terrific and a story that should be told." Although it focuses on the story of a single wounded veteran, Tomas Young,, a unit of the conservative Media Research Center, said that "Donahue used the occasion ... to voice an anti-war and defeatist agenda." It quoted Donahue as remarking, "We have lost. ... It's over. America is going to have to look in the mirror and suck it up and tell the truth to itself. This was a massive blunder." But the news service quoted conservative filmmaker J.D. Johannes, an Iraq War vet who has made his own film about the war, as saying, "Was Iraq perfect? No. ... War is generally a [series] of colossal mistakes and failures until someone starts to get it right and win." And in a review of the film, Kyle Smith, the conservative film critic of the New York Post, dismissed at as "one of the most incompetent documentaries to emerge from the Iraq war."